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KDE on 24

On 28th October 2003, Fox started boardcasting 24 series 3 (gratuitous flash). This is not due to be broadcast in the United Kingdom until March 2004.

It seems that in the aim to improve security, CTU (the Counter Terrorist Unit) have switched operating system from MacOS. This can be seen in this shot from episode one:

At the bottom, the KDE task bar can be seen clearly. It is a sign of the increasing use of GNU/Linux desktops that they are starting to appear in other mediums (KDE was apparantly also seen in Alias).

Interestingly, although KDE 3 has been out since mid-2002, the screenshot is of a 3-year-old KDE 1.x desktop. These older icons are made available under a public domain license. If a GPL'd set of icons had been used, would we now be legally able to modify, sell and distribute the episode under the terms of the GPL over the internet? (The person who sent me the screenshot seems to have got the episode from one of the various TV show download sites.)